The number one employee benefit people in Estonia care about is health insurance. This is supplementary to the national healthcare service which can be subject to long waiting lists. When asked to rank three other common benefits in order of importance Estonian employees are likely to say: Retirement, Death and Disability.

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from 2018, fringe benefits tax won‘t have to be paid by employers who support their workers´  sports activities with at least 400 EUR annually.


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Competitive employee benefit packages are now coming into the spotlight in order to motivate and retain employees.

Average Cost For Employer Sponsored Benefits

The average cost for employers is about 50 Euros per month.


When considering benefits for Croatian employees, consider other benefits related to wellbeing such as gym memberships and health in the workplace. It’s also important to note salaries in Estonia are expected to rise by 3% per annum over the next 3 years.

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Estonia is 1st country in the world to offer e-Residency to foreigners – which has amounted to over 10 000 e-residents and 600 new companies in just a year and half.

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