The number one employee benefit people in Macedonia care about is disability, as this is seen as high-risk. When asked to rank three other common employee benefits in order of importance, employees in Macedonia will likely say: Medical, Retirement and Death.

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Try the famous Ohrid trout from Lake Ohrid.

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The employee benefits market is developing, especially for health and life cover.


Average Cost For Employer Sponsored Benefits

You can expect to pay between 100 and 300 Denars.


Start with personal accident insurance. Only then should you look at other employee benefits to be provided.

Also note that the pace of reform in Macedonia has been fast over the last few years, however, this can also present problems where predictability is concerned. A wise move is to tune into an active community in order to stay updated on industry trends.

Surprising Fact

Some of the benefits offered are taxable which is a surprise to employers entering the Macedonian market for the first time.

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