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In Russia, employee benefits account for 35% of total national income and corporate voluntary (personal) medical insurance is the most desirable benefit. This is mainly because the state-provided medical care is not deemed sufficient and corporate insurance gives employees access to commercial medical clinics.

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When asked to rank four common benefits in order of importance, the average Russian employee will respond with: Medical, Death & Disability, Travel Insurance and Retirement.

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The financial crisis and unstable situation in Russia has led to an increase in medical rates. As a result, insurers are reluctant to offer discounts even for larger clients.

Average Cost For Employer Sponsored Benefits

Costs of a typical benefit package depends on the following: the size of the group, the level of clinics and risks covered. The level of clinics may vary from standard to premium. Risks typically covered are out-patient care, dental and in-patient care. For a group of 25 people and average of 50,000 rubles is fair – it means a standard program with a full set of risks.


Get in touch with locals before entering the market. Russia can have a somewhat scary reputation, so doing all the groundwork and making connections before starting out is definitely the way to go.

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Employers have to cover full-time employees only. Any premiums for relatives or part-time employees have to come out of the company’s net profit, which means it’s at least 20% more expensive.

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