Canadian Asinta Partner resolves emergency with speed and sensitivity.

We’ve all been in a tight spot, but imagine learning you need a new consultant six months into your benefits year. This is the difficult situation US-based Senior Global Benefits Manager Rachel Frazier found herself facing in 2016.

A Prickly Situation

One of Rachel’s (non-Asinta) global benefits consultants unfortunately put her in a position where she could not trust the individual to represent her company, or her 50 Canadian employees, with honor. She needed new representation immediately.

A Fortuitous Meeting

It just so happened that earlier in 2016, Rachel met Asinta’s Canadian Partner, Jacquie Fritsch, Principal  Consultant for Cowan. This was during an event Asinta’s United States Partner, Alliant Employee Benefits, hosted in San Francisco.

At the time of their first meeting, Rachel was not expecting to change Canadian consultants. But, it was a very good thing Rachel met Jacquie and learned about the value her company and the Asinta Partnership offers. This familiarity gave Rachel the confidence to reach out to Asinta for help just days after she knew a change was in order.

“The decision to make a move to a new consulting firm was sudden, with a pressing need for immediate action. After meeting Jacquie Fritsch at the Asinta Conference in San Francisco—face-to-face, as well as through previous discussions—I was more than willing to make that move,” said Rachel.

Putting out the Fire

Jacquie quickly took charge of the situation to help Rachel get her Canadian benefits program back on track and give her peace of mind. This included terminating the relationship with the other benefits consultancy for Rachel, and reanalyzing and renegotiating policies that had, unfortunately, been neglected. This was accomplished in 10 business days.

Rachel adds, “Jacquie and her team were nimble enough to process all the necessary contractual arrangements that made the move swift and comfortable. The relationships developed from the onset have been further solidified by a strong team approach, meticulous attention to detail, and an ability to translate our benefit needs into clear and concise communications, directed to our employees.”

She Took Asinta With Her

Months after this situation was settled, Rachel moved to another Silicon Valley company, and decided to bring the Asinta partnership along with her. Rachel says, “I have been delighted with the decision to work with Jacquie, and will continue to do so in my new role at a new organization.”

Download the Case Study:

Asinta Case Study Benefit Rescue Mission


US-based Senior Global Benefits Manager, Rachel Frazier found herself suddenly needing a new Canadian benefits consultant. Luckily she’d met our Canadian Partner Jacquie Fritsch earlier in the year, so Rachel reached out to her right away for help.

Jacquie and her team quickly stepped in to fix large-scale problems in only 10 business days.

Rachel’s experience with the Asinta Partnership was so positive, when she changed jobs, she made sure to take Asinta with her.