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Damien Vieillard Baron

1,000 Total Clients Served

100,000 Total Employees Represented

GEREP (European Group for Pensions and Insurance Plans) is an independent, family-owned insurance brokerage company created in 1989. For more than 25 years, it has been an authority on supplementary social welfare programs in France, providing legal and actuarial management and advice to companies for the well being of their employees throughout their working life.

The company has teams of experts dedicated to finding innovative and tailored solutions for optimizing insurance contracts in the areas of health, insurance plans, retirement and employee savings plans. Gerep’s high level of technical expertise, coupled with its proactive, flexible and adaptable approach has resulted in continuous and rapid growth.

Damien Vieillard Baron


4, rue de Vienne
75378 Paris Cedex 08

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Well known and highly respected throughout France’s insurance market.

Damien is recognized as a top practitioner in his field. The different strategies implemented by his clients, as well as the innovations and set-up of pre-retirement packages established both he and his company as true experts. All of the successes achieved in these areas contribute to Gerep’s market leading position.