Asinta cultivates an ecosystem of first-class, global employee benefits experts

As a collective, Asinta Partners believe in nurturing long-term relationships with one another. This enables them to act as one in delivering high service standards around the globe despite time, language and cultural differences. It helps ensure that each country Partner provides you with trusted, compliant and fair global benefits information in a manner that is contextually relevant to you, and in a language you can understand.



A global reach of over 120 countries

Asinta spans 120+ countries through its 40 Partners and numerous correspondent firms.

16.3 million lives covered

In 2023, the total combined number of client companies covered by Asinta Partners equaled 172,600, representing a total of 16.3 million lives covered.

Totaling it all up

Total pensions and retirement under management is $13.7B USD; total medical insurance under management $5.6B USD; total life insurance under management $3.2B USD.