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We’ve helped thousands of clients through the years, and these case studies represent what we do for all our clients, day in, and day out. Read these cases and see firsthand how we make the world of global benefits much easier to manage.


Properly Translating the Numbers: Asinta Clients Get Locally Benchmarked and Interpreted Cost Averages

Asinta Partner in the UK reviewed US-based client’s UK benefits and pricing and lowered her UK medical benefit premium by more than half in one week.
In summary:

      • US-based client used a non-Asinta Partner for UK benefits. She began to suspect pricing was not correct
      • Asinta Partner in the UK, Howden, was asked to review UK benefits and pricing
      • The benefits were highly overpriced and because the client was relying upon her US experience, they never looked out of line to her
      • Howden corrected the issue and provided her with proper benchmark reporting to validate benefits and pricing
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Benefits Rescue Mission: Asinta Partner Resolves Emergency with Speed & Sensitivity

Asinta Partner in Canada helped US-based Benefits Manager, Rachel Frasier, reanalyze and renogotiate Canadian benefits policies in just 10 business days.
In summary:

      • Rachel suddenly needed a new Canadian benefits consultant 6 months into her benefits year
      • Rachel contacted Jacquie Fritsch, Asinta Partner in Canada, whom she had already met at an event hosted by Asinta’s US Partner, Alliant
      • Jacquie got Rachel’s benefits program back on track in just 10 business days
      • Months later, Rachel took the Asinta Partnership with her when she moved on to a new company
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PromoCell: Small Group Size No Obstacle for Asinta

The Asinta Partnership welcomes small group sizes, reflecting its integrity and commitment to always serve one another’s clients well.
In summary:

      • Changing legislation in France and the UK caused a German-based company to seek benefits advice
      • 3 Asinta Partners worked together to provide expert, local advice regarding  compliance
      • Small group size was no obstacle to obtaining compliance for PromoCell employees
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Hartmann: Breaking New Ground

By harnessing Asinta´s willingness to go the extra mile, and ability to adapt to the unusual, Hartmann was able to secure the necessary grant allowing them to expand into the United States.
In summary:

      • Limited employee data was no barrier
      • Quick response and turn-around
      • Costs quickly assessed to obtain grants
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Printronix: Global Flexibility Was The Key

Powered by Asinta, Alliant Insurance Services gives a midsize, multinational technology leader the world-class service usually reserved for mega multinationals, with the flexibility that HR professionals demand. In summary:

      • Filled the need for more responsive service combined with global reach
      • Flexibility to work with outside brokers in some markets
      • Single, highly responsive account manager
      • Faster, more efficient service from local experts in every market
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Stantec: Overcoming The Challenges of Asymmetric Growth

To solve employee benefits needs in its widely varying international branches, a rising, multinational engineering contender finds the happy medium between local service and global reach. Here are some of the highlights:

      • Asinta provides effective cost management
      • Identified alternatives to existing plans to cut costs
      • Helped point out ways to save money on benefit plans of acquired companies
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Invensys: Gaining Efficiencies By Combining Countries

For this international technology consultancy, Asinta harmonized employee benefit consulting across Canada and the UK, achieving several major improvements at once:

      • Reduced redundancy and costs
      • Improved local pooling
      • A more appropriate services fit for the critical Canadian branch
      • Freeing $320,000 by moving from a refund accounting structure  to fully insured
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