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Partner Update

Asinta Welcomes Japan’s Cornes & Company as Newest Global Employee Benefits Partner

Asinta is pleased to welcome Japan’s Cornes & Company to the Asinta global employee benefits Partnership. The company services inbound multinational business and is among… Read More

Compliance Update

Multi-Jurisdictional Canadian Pension Plans Have New Rules

The Canadian Association of Pension Supervisory Authorities (CAPSA) changed the rules for funding, and requirements for asset allocation and purchasing annuities. Multi-jurisdictional, defined benefit pension… Read More


Global Benefits EMEA Webinar Series

Looking for insights into employee benefits in the United Kingdom? This session kicks off the Alliant and Asinta mini training series on select European, Middle… Read More

Compliance Update

U.S. Supreme Court Decision Impacts Gender Identity Protections

Snapshot: The U.S. Supreme Court decision prohibiting employment discrimination against LGBTQ employees likely eviscerates recent HHS rule on Section 1557 by dropping protections based on… Read More


COVID-19 Health Insurance Claims Ambiguity in India

When it comes to health insurance claims in India, ambiguity has taken a front seat for utilization, pricing, and settlement around the additional expenses due… Read More

Benchmarking & Trends

COVID-19 Impact on Employee Engagement in India

Prudent Brokers, Asinta’s Partner in India, conducted a survey in April 2020 to gather a broad perspective on how employers in India were managing the… Read More

Benchmarking & Trends

Trends in Spain’s Group Health, Life and Long-Term Disability Insurance Policies

Spain’s group health, life and long-term disability insurers either have, or are already, shifting their policies and/or rates because of COVID-19. Group health insurers maintain… Read More

Benchmarking & Trends

Trends in Commuter and Child Care Benefits for 2020

Trends in commuter and child care benefits, like many things this year, are impacted by COVID-19. Safe commuting options and extended child care benefits, should… Read More

Benchmarking & Trends

Trends in Employee Healthcare Benefits in India 2020

Trends in employee healthcare benefits in India this year are in large part shaped by the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. Many global workforce managers and… Read More

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Our approach to your needs is a tailored one, and regardless of time-zone, our response times to your questions are quick. Most new clients experience our assistance this way:

  • Fix urgent issues quickly
  • Build tailored work plans
  • Collect and manage employee benefit data (census and renewal)
  • Provide country/region/industry specific benchmarking
  • Procure and implement benefits
  • Determine plan for governance
  • Manage renewals

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