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Feature Story

Estonia: Employee Perks: Customary Benefits and Perks in Estonia

Article provided by MAI-CEE, Asinta’s Partner in Estonia. The number one employee benefit Estonians care about is health insurance. This is supplementary to the national… Read More

Feature Story

Germany: Disability: Standard Disability Management Practices in Germany

Article provided by Profion, Asinta’s Partner in Germany. Today, the German social security system is well developed and comprised of five pillars. As it is… Read More

Compliance Update

USA: Compliance: Healthcare: CMS Issues Final Benefit and Payment Parameters Regulations for 2020

Article provided by Alliant Insurance Services, Asinta’s United States Partner. On April 18, 2019, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released its final… Read More

Feature Story

UAE: Employee Perks: Customary and Trending Employee Benefit Perks in the United Arab Emirates

Article provided by Nexus, Asinta’s Partner in the United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a fast-paced frontier and emerging market with 90%… Read More

Feature Story

Diversity & Inclusion: Helping Employees Through Gender Transition

The market research consultancy Ipsos recently published a study that revealed 70% of people around the world believe their government needs to protect transgender people… Read More

Feature Story

Indonesia: Disability: Standard Disability Management Practices in Indonesia

Article provided by Integra, Asinta’s partner in Indonesia.   In 2011, the Indonesian Government reformed its National Social Security System and passed Law No. 24… Read More

Partner Update

Colombia: Asinta Partner Correcol Continues Its Expansion in Colombia

Article provided by Correcol, Asinta’s Colombian Partner.   Correcol relies on its range of services, technological innovation and professional team to invigorate its geographical expansion,… Read More

Feature Story

US: Genetic Testing in the Workplace

Article provided by Alliant, Asinta’s Partner in the United States.   There’s been a significant uptick in the number of organizations offering genetic testing and… Read More

Compliance Update

France: Compliance: Retirement: Likely Impacts of EU Mobility Directive on Supplementary Pension Schemes

Article provided by Gerep, Asinta’s French Partner.   France’s pension system is made up of three pillars: the French state pension, compulsory occupational pensions (AGIRC… Read More

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