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Feature Story

USA: Rising trends in Suicide and Drug Overdose

This article is provided by Asinta’s United States Partner, Alliant Employee Benefits. Mounting deaths in the US due to suicide and the opioid crisis is… Read More


US: 2020 Annual Asinta Partner Meeting

Each year Asinta Partners gather from around the globe to reconnect in person to further strengthen their person-to-person relationships and address pressing issues of the day… Read More


US: 2020 Alliant Global HR Event

San Francisco, May 13 – 14 This client event is sponsored by Asinta’s US Partner Alliant Employee Benefits. Read More

Compliance Update

France: Compliance: Retirement: France Ushers in New Rules for Defined Contribution

Effective date July 2019 Article provided by Gerep, Asinta’s French Partner.   France’s reform on defined benefits stems from the European Union (EU) Directive 2014/50/UE… Read More

Compliance Update

Mexico: Healthcare: Compliance: NOM-035 Addresses Physical, Social and Mental Health in the Workplace

WellnessIntertec NOM035 English Effective date: October 1, 2019 This article is provided by Intertec, Asinta’s Partner in Mexico. NOM-035 (Norma Oficial Mexicana) is a new… Read More

Compliance Update

Singapore: Compliance: Retirement: Singapore Raises Retirement and Re-employment Ages

Effective dates: 2022 and 2030   Information provided by Asinta’s Singaporean Partner, Galaxy Insurance Consultants.   In August 2019 the Singaporean government announced legislation that… Read More

Feature Story

Expat Insurance Coverage: Tips for Making the Assignment a Success

This article is provided by Asinta’s United States Partner, Alliant Employee Benefits.   Thoughtful planning, retaining local benefit expertise, and taking the time to follow… Read More


USA: What’s New and (Marginally) Exciting in Benefits Compliance

Join Asinta’s US Partner, Alliant Employee Benefits, on September 24, 2019 for a webinar where their compliance experts will look at key, recent regulatory and legislative developments and what those… Read More

Feature Story

Australia: Disability: Standard Disability Management Practices in Australia

Article provided by Asinta’s Australian Partner CA Financial Services Group.   Government Disability Programs Australia, like many other countries around the world, has systems in… Read More

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