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Asinta Partners regularly share news and perspectives on the laws, trends, and events that shape their local benefits landscape. Keep up with benefit changes in countries where you operate by checking in here often.

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Compliance Update

Canada: Trends: Retirement: Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) Enhancement Update

Article provided by Cowen Insurance Group, Asinta’s Canadian Partner. Canada’s federal and provincial governments agreed to enhance the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) on a gradual… Read More


UK: Employee Well-being Congress 2019

UK: Employee Well-being Congress 2019 June 20, 2019 in London The Employee Well-being Congress is 100% dedicated to the topic of employee well-being encompassing physical,… Read More

Partner Update

Portugal: Partner Update: Asinta Adds VISAVIS as Portuguese Partner

Asinta proudly announces the newest addition to its Partnership, VISAVIS, which means being face to face with the client, building close relationships, preserving an open… Read More

Benchmarking & Trends

Poland: Retirement: Compliance: Employee Capital Plan (ECP)

Effective dates July 2019-January 2021. Many thanks to our Polish Partner, MAI CEE for providing this update on the Polish government’s retirement regulation, the Employee Capital Plan… Read More

Partner Update

Singapore: Partner Update: Asinta Adds Galaxy as Singapore Partner

Asinta proudly announces the newest addition to its Partnership, Galaxy, who has been serving clients in Singapore for over 35 years. Their success with multinational… Read More

Benchmarking & Trends

France: Healthcare: Compliance: 100% Health 2019-2021

Many thanks to our French Partner, Gerep, for providing this update on the French government’s 100% Health (100% Santé) regulation. This is a new set of healthcare regulatory… Read More

Benchmarking & Trends

Canada: Benchmarking: Market and Benchmarking Insight Report for Canada – 2019

Asinta’s Canadian Partner, The Cowan Insurance Group, provides independent employee benefit advice to over 1,200 Canadian employers and therefore has substantial experience to guide companies… Read More

Benchmarking & Trends

Mexico: Benchmarking: Market and Benchmarking Insight Report for Mexico – 2019

For over 35 years, Asinta’s Mexican Partner, Intertec, has provided employee benefit consulting to hundreds of companies in different industry sectors. They are regularly asked… Read More

Benchmarking & Trends

Brazil: Benchmarking: Market and Benchmarking Insight Report for Brazil – 2019

Asinta’s Brazilian Partner, SCIATH, has been operating in the market since 2005 and specializes in providing cost effective solutions in employee benefits programs.  They are… Read More

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Asinta’s Partners are experts at harmonizing employee benefit programs across the planet. They use their long-term Asinta relationships spanning time zones and cultures, to rapidly put you in full control of all your employee benefit programs.

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