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Netherlands Payslips to Push Employers to Offer Pensions

Soon, Netherlands payslips will push employers to offer pensions because employers must highlight the absence of one on the payslip. A provision in recent pension... Read More


French Value Sharing Law

The French Value Sharing Law of November 29, 2023, marks a significant progression in legislation, implementing measures from the national inter-professional agreement on value sharing... Read More

Partner Update

Cowan’s Jacquie Fritsch Promoted to Principal Consultant and Global Benefits Practice Lead

Cowan, Asinta’s Partner in Canada, announced that Jacquie Fritsch has been appointed Principal Consultant and Practice Lead for Global Benefits. With over two decades of... Read More

Feature Story

UK: Women’s Health and Employee Benefits

Howden calls on employers to prioritize women’s health and wellbeing ahead of new legislation. On International Women’s Day Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing issued a... Read More


UK’s 2% National Insurance Reduction

The UK’s 2% national insurance reduction is a key item multinational employers should understand from the UK’s most recent national budget announcement. Paul White, head... Read More

Compliance Update

Update on Norway’s Pension Legislation

As of July 1, 2022, Norway’s occupational pension legislation states that the possibility for a deduction in the pension qualifying income was removed. Specifically, this... Read More

Compliance Update

Pension Reform in Switzerland for 2024

Two major pension reforms in Switzerland for 2024 were voted on by the Swiss population this month. The 13th-month retirement pension (1st pillar) was approved... Read More

Feature Story

German Maternity and Parental Leave Benefits

[Updated Feb 25, 2024] German maternity and parental leave benefits are plentiful. Benefits range from cash to extended leave and job protection. These benefits are... Read More

Compliance Update

Costa Rica Pension Reforms

Costa Rica pension reforms went into effect on January 12, 2024. Introduced in 2021 the reforms modify pension regulations for Disability, Old-Age, and Death (IVM)... Read More

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