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Total Clients Served ~30,000

Total Employees Represented ~500,000

Söderberg & Partners is the leading broker and pension adviser in Sweden with over 40% market share that lets us provide a full range of services, including employee benefits, P&C, and wealth management. The Independent Quality Assurance Institute (SKI) has appointed Söderberg Partners as the player in the market with the most satisfied customers for eleven years in a row.

We have the Nordics’ largest analysis department within the finance and insurance industry. Our analytical capabilities in insurance, placement, and sustainability allow you to make decisions based on facts rather than gut feeling. With one of the Nordics’ largest analysis departments in the finance and insurance industry, we can analyze and rate every solution. We continuously assess the range in the areas of life insurance, funds, unit-linked insurance, and stock markets.

Per Weckström

Söderberg Sweden

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Per Weckström is a 30-year veteran of the insurance industry. His career began as an individual and financial advisor at Folksam, one of Sweden’s largest insurance providers. He was also a SME advisor at Länsförsäkringar, and after that, he was an insurance expert at Swedbank, one of the leading banks in Sweden, where he became a broker. During his 11-year tenure as a broker, he has always specialized in the international field.

Per joined Söderberg & Partners 5 years ago and played a key role in establishing and continuing the evolution of Söderberg’s Employee Benefits’ international practice. The experience he gained serving clients while working at a very small brokerage, gave Per great insight into the importance of high service levels and dedication for handling Swedish parts of a global program.

With a degree in Marketing, Per is passionate about networking and building lasting business relationships with brokers, global management, and HR and benefits departments.

Söderberg & Partners has had the most satisfied clients in Sweden for 11 years in a row, and the service level and satisfaction rates are even higher for the teams managing international clients.

A specialized local employee benefits team cares for Asinta’s clients. Along with Per, this includes Mr. Sasha Sem Sandberg, Ms. Lauren Ruth, and Mr. Andreas Klang. All provide world-class service on both local and global levels.