We believe close connections benefit everyone

Asinta Partners must meet and maintain rigorous technical and service standards to be able to touch your global employee benefits program. This like-mindedness creates a natural, supportive and responsive environment in which to get both the every day and the spectacular accomplished.

Our Asinta relationships have been intentionally nurtured over an extended period of time. With that comes a deep trust in managing the needs of each other’s clients with a sense of urgency and care.

History and Background

With its origins in Europe and in the actuarial discipline, Asinta has evolved over the decades to become a vibrant, strategic Partnership of independent global employee benefits advisors. Together, they support one another’s clients in offering compliant, equitable, and cost-effective benefits in a foreign land.

The Asinta Partnership is specifically structured and focused to serve mid-market, multinational clients. These clients are often underserved by the mega consultancies making Asinta’s natural strengths highly valued by this type of company.

Asinta’s global employee benefits advisors – points of differentiation

Local and Global Expertise in Employee Benefits – Employee benefit consulting is a complex business and it takes focus to bring you accurate information and products in a timely manner. Each of our 40 Partners is an expert in employee benefits, not just an insurance generalist. They have no other distraction so our Partners can focus on your specific benefits needs in both local and global employee benefits.

Responsiveness – Fast response to client inquiries is a hallmark of the Asinta brand promise. It is a mandatory requirement for being accepted into and maintaining standing in the Asinta Partnership. We work within processes that make sense and keep a high standard, but will not delay responses to your inquiries regardless of complexity, time or cultural differences.

Control – Offering employee health and welfare in another country can feel like you are on another planet. The Asinta network puts you back in control. We provide trustworthy compliant and fair global benefits information in a manner that will contextually make sense to you.

Choice – Regarding carriers and providers, Asinta Partners work with many, but are captive to none. The independence Asinta enjoys allows it to offer program management that is flexible, letting you pay for only what you need. In addition, if you have an advisor in another country you want to keep, you can do so. You are not forced to use only Asinta Partners.

Key Facts

  1. Asinta spans 120+ countries through its 40 Partners and numerous correspondents.
  2. In 2023, the total combined number of client companies covered by Asinta Partners equaled 172.600, representing a total of 16.3 million lives covered.
  3. Total pensions and retirement under management is $13.7B USD; total medical insurance under management $5.6B USD; total life insurance under management $3.2B USD (as of 2019).