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Carlos Castillo Paganella

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Confia provides employee benefits consulting in Costa Rica and professional insurance brokerage services to various clients, including Costa Rican and international organizations, US multinationals, and individuals. Confia was established in 2010, coinciding with the opening of the insurance market after being under a state monopoly for 84 years. Our office is located in San José, Escazú, at the Centro Corporativo Cedral, and we currently employ 65 people locally. In 2022, Confia expanded its operations internationally, launching in Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

With a portfolio of premiums totaling US $35 million under management, Confia consultants specialize in insurance brokerage services, HR consulting, employee benefits, and property and casualty insurance. Our clientele primarily consists of corporate clients, comprising 95% of our customer base. We have a website that lets clients easily purchase vehicle and travel insurance.

Our specialized division offers employee benefits services exclusively in English to cater to the needs of multinational clients. Our clients can submit their insurance claims through our website and track the progress of their claims and payments online. Our company prides itself on offering modern online services, ensuring that our clients always have access to up-to-date information.

We cater to clients with varying needs, whether they have a single employee or require group policies for thousands of individuals. Our team combines local expertise with an entrepreneurial spirit and a customer-oriented approach. At Confia, we uphold our mission, vision, and values, always placing our clients at the forefront. With a turnover rate of less than 5% per year, we maintain a stable and dedicated team. As one of the top producers among local insurance companies, Confia has been recognized with the MPV Most Valuable Player award multiple times. We value customer feedback and collect input through daily surveys, as the client’s voice is critical in our organizational culture.

Carlos Castillo Paganella


Centro Corporativo Cedral Torre 1, Piso 1

Trejos Montealegre,

San Jose

Costa Rica

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Carlos is fluent in English and Spanish (a native speaker) and graduated from the Bradford Management Center in England. With 13 years of experience leading Confia, Carlos has specialized in employee benefits. Before joining Confia, Carlos was a private and investment manager for financial institutions. Carlos enjoys swimming, running, hiking, and spending time at the beach in his free time. He also cherishes spending time with his wife and two dogs while his daughter pursues studies at Trinity University.