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Natalia Zaborovska

5,000 Total Clients Served

2,000 Multinational Clients

MAI CEE was founded in Hungary in 1991 and provides employee benefits consulting across Eastern Europe. With steady growth, it now provides insurance advice and services to the 29 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus Region and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Today, MAI-CEE is the leading independent insurance broker in the region and enjoys strong and long-lasting ties with its associate partners.

MAI CEE prides itself on delivering excellent service to its clients and partners, combined with the highest levels of integrity and honesty. It has specialist divisions dealing with international and multinational business and also acts as a broker, providing a number of practices, such as real estate and construction, renewable energy, marine & logistics and employee benefits.

Employee benefits services provide the following:

  • A separate Employee Benefits Department Personal Manager for each client
  • Significant staff experience ranging from 3 to 18 years in employee benefits
  • Effective resolution of all disputed issues during the insurance period, contract follow-up support and maintenance of clients’ interests
  • Free of charge study of clients’ insurance coverage to improve financial and medical efficiency
  • Regular control of contract follow-up quality and monitoring of client satisfaction

Natalia Zaborovska


Perc utca 8. Budapest 1036

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Masterful in the many languages of Eastern European benefits.

Natalia is a ‘to the point’ person who likes to get things done. She likes to get to know her clients well and to make the working relationship warm and friendly.

Insurance is in Natalia’s blood. She graduated in 1994 with her thesis on insurance in Latvia. Natalia joined MAI-CEE in 2000 and now knows her way around all the countries that the company serves. She is an amazing networker and always finds the right solution.