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Hans Huizing

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Schouten Zekerheid provides employee benefits consulting in the Netherlands and is ranked in the top 5 for independent Dutch insurance brokers. They are specialists in employee benefits, risk management, and setting up group programs for different branches of your business. To better understand the fundamentals of offering employee benefits in the country, request Schouten Zekerheid’s Market and Benchmark Insight Report for the Netherlands – 2024.

Decisiveness ensured

If companies wish to arrange their insurance at acceptable and predictable costs and are looking for a single point of contact for all their insurance solutions, that’s exactly what Schouten Zekerheid can offer. Damages? They’ll be there. All hands on deck. They stand beside the entrepreneur, literally. In addition, Schouten Zekerheid does not distinguish between different types of companies: each customer can count on them for the best possible advice, service, and support.

Management themes

Schouten Zekerheid’s approach revolves around their clients’ management issues: business continuity, compliance, mobility, staff, pensions, and financial risks. In addition, they offer special packages for leave of absence and health management, packages for expats as well as insurance packages for trade and professional organizations.

Schouten Zekerheid shows concern for their clients

They see it as their duty to unburden their clients as much as possible, so they can focus on their business. Schouten Zekerheid not only takes care of insurance and the resulting administration but also damages and their follow-up: from a collision with a vehicle to large, complex claims that could endanger the survival of a client’s business. They also provide communication about pension schemes and group health insurance, working together with their clients to ensure that these are properly arranged.

The extra mile

Schouten Zekerheid is an independent adviser and strives to create a pleasant working atmosphere. They are always looking for tailored solutions; after all, every company is different. In addition, they create innovative concepts; nothing extravagant, nothing excessive, but they simply go the extra mile. Our clients see this in their regular services, in the professional, enjoyable contact with a dedicated adviser, and in Schouten Zekerheid’s innovative service concepts.

Hans Huizing

Schouten Zekerheid

PO Box 8789
3009 AT Rotterdam
Rivium Quadrant 81
2909LC Capelle aan den Ijssel
The Netherlands

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Easygoing confidence, broad benefits expertise.

Hans is a typical Dutchman; his approach is informal, creative, open-minded, and pragmatic. He is also direct, honest, and open and strives for long-term working relationships.

Hans started his career as a pension specialist before moving on to become an independent employee benefits consultant. He now has over 20 years of broad experience with (international) employee benefits consulting

Hans is a specialist in Dutch pension schemes and expat schemes.