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Weigo Sun

Total Clients Represented: 200+

Total Employees Represented: 150,000

Worldwide Insurance Services Enterprise (WISE) is a leader in employee benefits consulting in Taiwan. They provide professional employee benefits insurance services to 200+ corporate clients, helping them select and offer their Taiwan-based employees the most appropriate employee benefits insurance program.

WISE has been operating in Taiwan since 1987, and our employees and consultants in the international division are business fluent in Mandarin and English. They are committed to bringing market-leading and industry-specific insurance solutions to our clients.

The firm is a service-oriented broker focusing on customer satisfaction and retention. To ensure the highest service quality can be maintained and consistently provided to our clients, WISE has a unique service model to meet our commitments.

Weigo Sun


5f, 112, Chung Hsiao E. Road, Sec 1,
Taipei 10050

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Weigo is a fun, outgoing person who loves his job and the clients and colleagues he works with. He is committed to maintaining the high-quality services WISE promises clients and constantly works on long-term sustainable solutions for them. To achieve that, Weigo understands employees are the key, and he likes to create a work environment that makes employees feel at home.

He has over 15 years of experience in the China/Taiwan insurance industry, working with numerous Fortune 500 companies and setting up one of the local market’s largest and most comprehensive flexible benefits programs. In addition to the consulting Weigo did for large multinational companies, he also developed exclusive facility plans with first-tier insurers that provide comprehensive coverage at below-market rates for small to medium size enterprises. His success in all facets of his role at WISE is primarily due to his dedication to his clients, his ability to be flexible, his strong commitment to education and communication, and the strength of knowledge obtained through his broker and consulting career.