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[Updated 4/15/24] Employees in Slovakia consider sickness benefits as the number one employee benefit. Sickness benefits are quite generous in certain circumstances. If an employee needs to take care of a close relative or a female employee transfers to a lesser-paid position due to medical reasons during pregnancy, they will receive 55% of their daily income.

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Average Cost

The average monthly cost for a typical benefits package is 35% of gross salary. The average gross salary in Slovakia is €1,430 per month.

Mandatory employee benefits in Slovakia include pension, legislative leaves, and unemployment insurance. Supplementary employee benefits in Slovakia, or perks, include company cars, additional vacation days, and group life insurance.

Mandatory Employee Benefits in Slovakia


Pension funding in Slovakia is based on mandatory contributions from salary. Both the employer and employee must contribute, and the system is very much automated. The compulsory system has 2 pillars. The first pillar contributions are paid to the state fund called Socialna poistovna (the Social Insurance Agency). The second pillar offers choices consisting of Socialna poistovna or several other private licensed providers. Each provider offers several investment funds with various degrees of investment risk.

The pension system also has a voluntary third pillar. The employer decides whether to offer contributions to this pillar. For some hazardous occupations, such as miners, the third pillar is compulsory. Only private providers offer third-pillar savings, and they also offer several types of funds, similar to the second pillar.

Legislative Leaves / Paid Time Off

Certain short-term leaves (illness leave, funeral leave, study leave, doctor visit leave, and others) are granted and paid in whole or partly by the Social Insurance Agency and/or the employer. Long-term Maternity Leave (or Parental Leave, since this can be taken by the father as well) is also available. This can typically last up to 3 years but can also last longer if the child requires special care.

By law, paid vacation per year is 20 days. For employees older than 33, vacation time is 25 days.

Unemployment Insurance

When unemployed, the respective person can register at the unemployment office. If unemployment insurance contribution was paid for 730 days at least over the past 3 years, they have the right to get financial support for a maximum of 6 months. Contribution is a mandatory part of the taxes paid by the employee and employer based on the salary.

Workplace Canteens or Meal Vouchers

The employer is obliged to arrange for lunch (or another type of meal, depending on the respective operation, such as the 24h/7days shifts) or to offer meal vouchers instead. The employer must bear 55% of the costs at a minimum. Many employers offer more, up to 100%. The minimum value of the vouchers is prescribed by the government. In lieu of vouchers, the respective employer´s contribution can be paid as a supplement to the salary. The employee is entitled to choose the method of payment.

Supplementary Employee Benefits & Perks

Various perks are offered in Slovakia, and the most common and well-received are a company car also for private use, sickness leave days, additional vacation days, group life/accident insurance, a company apartment, and a cafeteria. Rarely offered perks include a company kindergarten, free snacks, and entertainment rooms. This always depends on the employee’s position in the company.


This information about mandatory and supplemental employee benefits in Slovakia comes from Asinta’s Central and Eastern European Partner, the GrECo Group.

Nothing on this country page is intended to be legal, financial, or tax advice, and readers are advised to consult with their appropriate advisors regarding any legal, financial, or tax implications this information may address.

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