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Pedro Carranço

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VISAVIS provides employee benefits consulting in Portugal for multinational and local businesses. The consultancy is an independent insurance broker and risk management advisor. Supported by a highly skilled team with wide-ranging experience in local and international business, VISAVIS built a client portfolio focused on foreign multinational companies and large local corporations. To understand the fundamentals of offering employee benefits in Portugal, request VISAVIS’ Market and Benchmark Insight Report for Portugal – 2022

The design of risk management is strategically tailor-made to meet each company’s needs, employees and current business context, allowing cost efficiency and savings. VISAVIS is specialized in delivering well-structured insurance programs as a powerful tool for protecting people, assets, liabilities, and inherent financial risks. Results are clear-cut and accountable.

The main goal is to respond fast and effectively to any insurance requirement, whether it is about appropriate coverages, policy issuing, or claims handling. VISAVIS aims to consolidate its positioning as experts in employee benefits, known for the quality and independence of our consulting and administration services.

VISAVIS develops activity worldwide through networks and specific broker partnerships. This way it’s possible to operate in any country, developing new business opportunities and offering service and proximity to clients in need of employee benefits consulting in Portugal.

Due to a solid background in Africa, VISAVIS has close business relationships with some local brokers, especially but not limited to Angola and Mozambique.

Pedro Carranço


Rua Dr. Camilo Dionísio Alvares, 1055 – 1º
2775-373 Parede

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Pedro is a proactive and result oriented professional and he is always ready to put all his time and energy to get the job done.

With over 27 years of experience, he is very skilled in the employee benefits environment with the adequate holistic view in client management relationship. He has a profound knowledge of the national and international insurance markets, being particularly specialized on multinational pooling and reinsurance to captive.

Pedro has two daughters, aged 15 and 11, whom he considers his two treasures and his major achievement in life.

He considers himself an incurable optimist and tries to transmit his positiveness to all that come across his path.