Central African Republic

Mandatory benefits in the Central African Republic include family benefits, allowances, maternity benefits, and various pensions. Common supplementary benefits in the country include health insurance, retirement, and paid time off.

Mandatory Employee Benefits (Government-Sponsored)

The Central African Social Security Fund (CNSS) provides insurance for workers and providers in this country. These benefits include the following:

  • Family Benefits – salary supplements paid to salaried workers to compensate for the children’s expenses in their care. The benefits are paid in the form of allowances for family, prenatal, daily maternity, accidents at work, and occupational diseases.
  • Pensions – retirement, disability, and survivor’s pensions are offered.

 Supplementary employee benefits (Employer-Sponsored)

The Central African Republic does have some employer-sponsored benefits, although the availability and extent of these benefits can vary widely depending on the specific employer, industry, and economic conditions.

Employer-sponsored benefits may include things such as:

  • Health insurance (see the front page to see details on how ASCOMA supports clients with health insurance for employees)
  • Retirement plans (like pensions or provident funds)
  • Paid time off (such as vacation days and sick leave)
  • Other additional perks or incentives


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