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In an era where health and wellbeing is more important than ever before and UK employment is grappling with perpetual change, it is vital to embrace the challenge and move forward.

The expert consultant and customer service teams of Punter Southall Health & Protection are renowned for their knowledge, expertise and commitment.  This enables them to get to know what works really well for their clients.  Where relevant, they are able to think further than the usual solutions. They’re always on hand to answer any queries or deal with claims. They fully appreciate that spending wisely is the only way forward, so they’ll source  good deals and will be clever with their clients’ budgets where possible.

Punter Southall’s values are personal, impartial, creative, passionate, and clear which guides their actions and decisions. They describe how they behave and help shape their reputation. They work with small, medium and large companies, business partners and consumers, and have over 750 corporate clients, 2,700 SMEs and 4,500 personal customers.  Each one is treated with the same care and respect.

With top-level expertise in healthcare, protection, wellness, international and online benefits, Punter Southall knows that the best way to determine the future is not to leave it to chance. Instead, they design and deliver employee benefits strategically, holistically, financially and sustainably to reflect the way their clients work for their business and employees.

Iain Taylor

Punter Southall Health & Protection

Betchworth House
57-65 Station Road
Redhill, RH1 1Dl
United Kingdom

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In-depth understanding of international healthcare benefits and engaging personality to boot!

Iain has over 30 years’ experience in the world of employee benefits.  From Healthcare and Pensions to Group Risk, Iain has worked with clients of all sizes from micro SMEs to very large organisations to develop benefit solutions tailored to meet their specific needs.   He is currently the Director of SME and Affinity Group Risk Consulting, an area that shows some of the greatest potential for growth and development in the UK.

He is supported by a highly experienced team and has carried out numerous installations for international clients setting up in the UK. He is well  known for providing clients with an honest mix of commerciality and holistic pragmatism.