Mandatory employee benefits in Egypt (the social insurance scheme) include a variety of benefits, including medical, pension, disability, sickness, maternity, and family allowances. Common supplementary employee benefits include private medical insurance, disability, life, and retirement. Employees expect a limited number of perks.

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Mandatory employee benefits in Egypt (Social Security)


Egypt’s mandatory medical insurance scheme has three tiers of coverage – low, mid-market, and high-end – that span in-patient and out-patient treatments, maternity, evacuation, dental, and vision, among others.

Mandatory Leaves & Employer Leave Practices

According to Egypt’s labor law, employees receive the following leaves:

  • Maternity leave – 90 days of paid maternity leave and 45 days following the birth of a baby.
  • Paternity leave – There is no paternity leave in the labor law. However, most employers grant one day when a new baby is born.
  • Annual leave – Employees are entitled to 21 days of paid annual leave per year if employed for at least 6 consecutive months.
  • Bereavement leave – There is no bereavement leave in the labor law. However, most employers grant 3 to 5 days when there is a death in the family.


Supplementary employee benefits

In addition to Egypt’s mandatory benefits scheme, most employers offer the following insured benefits.

  • Private medical insurance– More than 60% of employers offer health insurance via private carriers with a wide network of healthcare providers.
  • Life/disability – 34% of employers offer life and disability insurance.
  • Pension schemes – About 44% of employers offer private pension schemes in addition to the social insurance pension/retirement scheme.

Other employer-sponsored benefits include death, disability, and pension.


It is market practice to offer the following allowances:

  • Transportation allowance depending on seniority
  • Telecommunication allowance depending on job type
  • Meal allowance for certain segments (hospitality, manufacturing, etc.)


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