Equatorial Guinea

Mandatory employee benefits in Equatorial Guinea include illness, wage protection during illness, family & maternity benefits, pension, disability, and death benefits. Medical insurance is the primary benefit employers offer.

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Employer-Sponsored Benefits


Employer-sponsored employee benefits in Equatorial Guinea are few except for medical insurance for employees and their dependents. A pioneer in health insurance with its third-party payment system, ASCOMA has a number of showcase products. For example, with the ASCOMA Health Card, companies and individuals can cover current medical expenses, including optical, dentistry, pharmacy, consultations, and hospitalization. Today, Ascoma’s third-party care network has expanded throughout the country, enabling our clients’ employees to have optimal access to healthcare.

It is rare for employers to offer benefits such as life insurance, AD&D, and retirement. Perks are also not common.


Mandatory Employee Benefits

The National Social Security Institute (INSESO) oversees Equatorial Guinea’s social security system. The system encompasses various benefits such as illness, maternity, accidents, occupational diseases, disability, death (survivors), and old-age pensions.

Contributions to the system are typically calculated based on a percentage of an employee’s salary. Both employers and employees make contributions, and the criteria for these contributions are often based on salary levels and government regulations.

For the most current and detailed information regarding Equatorial Guinea’s social security system, including specific eligibility criteria and the extent of coverage, it’s advisable to consult official sources or the National Social Security Institute (INSESO) in Equatorial Guinea. Social security systems can vary based on the specific regulations and policies implemented by the country.


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