The number one employee benefit in Qatar differs between national and foreign employees. For national employees, it is the state pension scheme. For foreign employees, who account for 94% of the Qatari workforce, it is housing and transportation allowances.

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Go to the camel races, also called the sport of sheiks, in Al Shahaniya.

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The nationalization of the workforce.

Average Cost For Employer Sponsored Benefits

For Qatari nationals only, a compulsory employee benefit for the state pension scheme of 10% of gross monthly salary has to be paid. The average monthly salary is 10,761 Riyals.

Further benefits may include housing and transportation allowance and health and life insurance. Regulations regarding a new health insurance scheme are still unclear.


As most of the workforce in Qatar is foreign, focus on expatriate labor regulations and visa regulations. Also, end of service payments are mandatory for both foreign and national employees. This equates to one month of base pay for every year of employment.

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There is no personal income tax in Qatar which makes it a challenge to move employees away from the region.

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