Global Flexibility Wins Printronix

Powered by Asinta, Alliant Insurance Services gives a midsize, multinational technology leader the world-class service usually reserved for mega multinationals, with the flexibility that HR professionals demand.

Printronix: Mission-Critical Printing Management Gone Global

As one of the world’s most trusted names in industrial-level printers and print management solutions, Printronix has more than 600 employees across a global network of offices, factories and service centers. To match locally appropriate benefits to employees in each of the company’s several national locations, the company had relied on Mercer. However, Printronix sought a more responsive, flexible global partner for employee benefits management, so it requested proposals from several firms, including Asinta partner Alliant.

A key condition was global reach and flexibility, allowing Printronix to retain good relationships with local brokers in a few key markets as well as appoint new, non-biased brokers in others.

Alliant’s Advantage: The Asinta Partnership

Powered by Asinta, Alliant was able to quickly coordinate their specialists across the globe, crafting an employee benefits proposal that not only exceeded Printronix’s expectations but also allowed them to maintain relationships with some previous brokers. Alliant’s collaborative approach reflected the continuity of Printronix’s local human resource activities where local teams were succeeding, yet also allowed the home office to draw in local expertise where appropriate. That was especially useful when planning new foreign offices, when reviewing benefits or when seeking second opinions.

Defeating Willis: Flexibility Counts

Alliant’s chief competitor in the pitch was international benefits powerhouse Willis. Like the incumbent Mercer, Willis boasted a large number of offices worldwide—which sounded reassuring on the surface, but Printronix had already learned how rigid this kind of system can be. By contrast, Alliant’s proposal to fill Printronix’s need for a number of local brokers and advisors while also working with the company’s other, existing local brokers, was a breath of fresh air.

Passion, Hustle and the Partnership Ahead

In awarding its business to Asinta, Printronix obtained another remarkable advantage: a single, highly responsive point of contact.

In the first week of the relationship that responsiveness proved itself more than once. For example, Printronix needed to immediately obtain appropriate benefits for a new hire in Russia, where the company hadn’t staffed before; through its Moscow partner, Alliant provided a great benefits package within 24 hours.

Through examples like these, Printronix knows it has found a global, comprehensive, trustworthy partner who can provide long-run strategic help—while speaking with them nearly every day.

Download the Case Study:

Asinta Case Study Printronix


Powered by Asinta, Alliant filled Printronix’s need for more responsive service combined with global reach.

Printronix wanted a global firm, yet also wanted to work with outside brokers in some markets. Alliant’s Asinta partners’ flexibility made that possible.

While previous firms imposed a complicated contact structure on Printronix, Alliant provided a single, highly responsive account manager.

The result: Printronix enjoys faster, more efficient, more effective service through local experts in every market.