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For the past 35 years, CA Financial Services has been providing Financial Planning and Employee Benefit Consulting for a wide range of individuals, families and businesses. CA specializes in goals base financial planning as well as tailored employee benefits with a hands-on proactive approach. With 4 CFP qualified advisors, Mortgage Broking specialists and experience business consultants, CA is well placed to assist the individual starting out or a larger business with a caring attitude to its people.

Mark Rapley

CA Financial Services Group

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May 12, 2020 in Sydney at the International Convention Center (ICC)

Australia’s pre-eminent event in disability as it relates to business, the conference provides an unparalleled opportunity to discover tested and pioneering practices to progress employment, retention and inclusion of people with disability. It connects a powerful network of business leaders, diversity and human resources professionals, industry experts and influencers from the public, private and for-purpose sectors.

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Big picture thinker, great with details too.

Mark’s work style is consultative, professional and relaxed. He’s detail oriented which is important when dealing with highly regulated and complex areas of financial planning. He focuses on the big picture and takes a practical and common sense approach when making recommendations or providing advice.

He doesn’t like surprises so Mark is pro-active and initiates discussions when he foresees a challenge or opportunity. Mark sees his corporate clients as business partners, and wants to help them use their employee benefits programs to gain a competitive edge in their markets.

For 10 years, Mark has worked with corporate clients in implementing and managing their employee benefits programs. This allows him to accurately benchmark employee benefits offerings across various industries in Australia, and explain what benefits are expected and what is exceptional. Being an experienced and accredited financial planner, he has intricate knowledge of superannuation and insurances. These are highly complex areas in Australia and it is crucial to understand the market in terms of product providers, the legislative environment and employee’s attitudes towards this.