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Alessandro de Besi

Total Clients Served 11,352

Total Employees Represented 45,000

De Besi-Di Giacomo was founded in the late 50s by Antonio De Besi and Doriano Di Giacomo.  Based upon their shared experience at Assicurazioni Generali, they decided to become partners and set up an insurance agency which later became a multimandatory agency.  The official partnership between the two families started in 1959, with the business growing and expanding over the next 50 years. It now continues to be run by the second generation with the professional experience and expertise acquired by the company over the years making it the ideal partner for its clients.

In 1986, in accordance with new legislation at that time, De Besi-Di Giacomo SpA was registered in the newly established Official Insurance Brokers Register. This gave formal recognition to its brokerage activity. The company operates through its offices in Rome and Milan covering both the Italian and international insurance markets. It also has a long-standing collaboration spanning more than 25 years with Lloyd’s of London as “Correspondent Broker” in Italy. The continuing development of the market has led the company to look for strategic alliances with other partners.  For this reason, they decided to join the European Insurance Broker Consortium (EIB Consortium). This association of highly qualified brokerage companies is capable of responding promptly to all market innovations.

De Besi-Di Giacomo also operates as a reinsurance broker thanks to their knowledge of the domestic insurance market as well as the worldwide reinsurance market. In 2011, they became a member of WBN (Worldwide Broker Network), the most important global network of independent insurance brokerage companies. This enables them to assist their clients in over 100 countries around the world.

Alessandro de Besi

De Besi-Di Giacomo

Lungotevere Flaminio 14
00196 Roma

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A man who truly enjoys his work.

Alessandro enjoys his work, something which is immediately clear when you meet him. He is kind, jovial and always smiling. However, he does take his work very seriously and takes pride in his knowledge of the insurance and employee benefits market. Alessandro started his career as far back as 1975 in the family business. He grew with the business and is now both Chairman and CEO. Alessandro has always been, and still is, active in international broker and insurance associations.  He is currently Chairman of EIB Consortium since 2005, Chairman of WFII (The World Federation of Insurance Intermediaries) with one year term 2017-2018 and Board Member of AIBA, Italian Association of Insurance Brokers.