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Ximco Corporation was founded in 1996 as an insurance broker with its headquarters in Shanghai. It is client-oriented and has been at the forefront of risk management and insurance services in China since the development of the insurance intermediary sector.

Ximco’s operations began even before insurance regulators in China began granting licenses for agents and brokers. As a result, their clients benefit from market-leading risk transfer solutions and tailored coverage according to client needs and local conditions.

This is backed up with the highest standards of professional service.

Ximco believes that their clients are in the best position to identify the risks they face each and every day. Ximco’s role is to learn about and understand their clients’ operations in order to help them identify their risk exposure. Through this process, a coherent risk management strategy can be developed to help clients avoid potential pitfalls.

At Ximco, they pride themselves on being a private family-owned firm focused on success by delivering value-added solutions to their clients. As such, they avoid having a short-term focus to their business objectives. They are not driven by quarterly results or market share considerations; their priority is the needs of their clients.

Tienmann Chau


1A Shan Kwong Road, 1/F,
Happy Valley, Hong Kong

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Supremely educated and exceptionally well experienced in global business and benefits.

Tienmann (better known as TC) became Chief Operating Officer of Ximco in 2008. He oversees all operations in the greater China region, and manages overseas relationships with Ximco’s multinational clients and international partner firms.

Prior to joining the insurance industry, TC worked on Wall Street in New York as an Investment Banker for Leveraged Finance at UBS Investment Bank. He studied for a PhD at the University of California, Berkeley, with a research specialization on the Politics and Economics of Industrialized Nations of the Americas, Europe and the Asia-Pacific.

TC also holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Johns Hopkins University, having graduated with Honors with a Double Major in International Studies and Economics.

Now based in China, he continues to be a research fellow at the Berkeley Roundtable of International Economics (BRIE).  This role focuses on the development of the economies, politics and information technology in the Asia Pacific.