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Employees in Hong Kong care most about their medical insurance. Hong Kong has a limited social healthcare system, so employees are very focused on private healthcare. Hence the high importance attached to medical insurance.


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Taste some Cantonese cuisine, particularly a roast goose. Also visit Stanley Market’s silk shops.

Easy to access travel insurance and accident benefits is increasing in importance. This is due to the fact that many employees in Hong Kong have jobs that involve significant travel in China and Asia.

When asked to rank three other common benefits in order of importance, the average Hong Kong employee will likely respond with: Disability, Death and Retirement.

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Many insurers are already venturing into retirement planning and wealth management to meet consumer demands. This is against a backdrop of a highly matured market, an ageing population and a general increase in affluence.

 Average Cost For Employer Sponsored Benefits

There are so many variables that it is very difficult to give an average cost for an employee benefits package.

Advice To Employers

Employees in Hong Kong expect to have a medical plan and certain life/disability benefits.

Surprising Fact

The retirement pension system known as MPF (Mandatory Provident Fund) is compulsory, and highly regulated in Hong Kong. This actually takes much of the decision-making element away from the employer.

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