Asinta’s Business Etiquette Insight: Hong Kong

Looking to set up a new business in Hong Kong?  We’ve compiled a few business etiquette insights with the help Asinta’s Hong Kong Partner, Ximco to help you establish good relations with your Hong Kong colleagues:

 #1 Meetings in Hong Kong normally start with a handshake, although a slight bow will show respect as well. The essential gesture of swapping business cards takes place immediately after and both hands should be used to receive the card.  Be sure to make a show of reading it and do not just put it into your pocket, as this will be considered as rude.  Ideally, have your business card printed in Chinese on one side and English on the other.

#2 You should dress formally and conservatively in a dark suit. However, as red is considered a lucky color in Hong Kong, you may choose to wear a red tie to impress your colleagues!

#3 Colors play a significant role in Chinese culture. So to avoid any possible offence, only use black and white for your presentations. Show patience and allow your colleagues to contemplate without interruption as silence is held in high regard in business circles.