The number one benefit employees in Switzerland care about is pensions. Although this is a compulsory employee benefit, it is still considered the most important. When asked to rank three other common employee benefits in order of importance the typical Swiss employee will likely say: Death, Disability and Medical.

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The Federal Government is currently assessing a pension system reform.

Average Cost For Employer Sponsored Benefits

It is hard to define an Average Cost For Employer Sponsored Benefits. Contributory Private Benefit Plans (BVG) can range from 7% to 18% of pensionable salary. Employers must pay at least 50% of the contribution.


The cantons (provinces) are allowed to regulate tax law and employee benefits. It is therefore advisable to first look at the different cantons before making a decision about where to start up a company.

Surprising Fact

Switzerland has a three pillar pension system for the provision of death, disability and old age. It is part of the Swiss constitution. The first pillar is state social security, the second pillar is mandatory occupational pensions or employee benefit plans and the third pillar is individual savings and insurance arrangements.

Another interesting fact is that Switzerland has an inflation rate of 0%.

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