Switzerland Increases Leave for Surviving Parents

Switzerland Increases Leave for Surviving ParentsEffective January 1, 2024, Switzerland increases leave for surviving parents of newly born children. The legislation is known as the Income Compensation Act (EOG).

The death of a parent immediately after the birth of a child is a severe tragedy for the family and the baby. In such cases, the surviving parent is entitled to longer maternity or paternity leave according to the EOG.

In the event of the child’s mother’s death within 14 weeks of birth, the father or the mother’s wife is entitled to 14 weeks of leave in addition to the 2 weeks of paternity leave. The leave must be taken without interruption immediately after the death and ends early if the father or the mother’s wife returns to work.

If the father or the mother’s wife dies within 6 months of the child’s birth, the mother is also entitled to 2 additional weeks’ leave, which can be taken in accordance with the terms of paternity leave.


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