Thai employees need to have access to doctors in private hospitals, as they are considered to be much better than doctors provided via the social security system. Therefore, Thai employees care most about medical insurance, a provident fund (Retirement) next, then Disability and finally, their bonus.

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When in Thailand make sure to taste Tom Yum Koong/Kao Pad Kraprao (spicy fried pork/chicken/beef with basil leaves on rice).

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The trend in Thailand is definitely towards more mid-range health care benefits where better cancer coverage is offered.

Average Cost For Employer Sponsored Benefits

In general, the cost for benefits for an employee per month does not exceed 1,000 Baht. However, costs may vary depending on the level of coverage and size of the group.

Advice To Employers

It is very important to get at least a basic grasp of Thailand’s culture before making any decisions about implementing benefits. A huge part of this understanding revolves around Thailand’s complicated labor laws. In addition, be aware that in comparison with other countries in South East Asia, Thailand has a very low level of benefits and expense reimbursement.

Surprising Fact

Thailand did not implement a daily minimum wage until 2013.

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