Coronavirus Update for Employers in Thailand

coronavirus update for employers in ThailandMultinational employers with employees in Thailand should read LawtonAsia’s client newsletter to get answers about employee’s health insurance coverage and COVID-19. According to LawtonAsia, global workforce managers should also know that:

  • There is a nationwide curfew in place from 10PM to 4AM.
  • State quarantine is in effect for all Thais returning to the country.
  • Foreign returnees need fit-to-fly certificates (which LawtonAsia can arrange), proof of US$100,000 worth of medical insurance and be able to pass temperature screening; plus 14 days government quarantine. (Note: commercial flights into Thailand temporarily suspended).
  • Thai people are asked to postpone their travel to Thailand until after April 15th.
  • Provincial governors are to decide on local measures to combat the virus (for instance Pattaya City is in lockdown)
  • Thai schools closed until July 1, 2020 and international schools trying to carry on with online teaching
  • Thai New Year holiday April 13th – 15th has been cancelled by the government and these are now working days
  • The sale of alcohol is banned from April 10th to 20th.

Health coverage documents + telemedicine

  • All insurers used by LawtonAsia, with the exception of Aetna, have agreed to accept scanned documents for making claims.
  • LawtonAsia’s telemed app will soon be available to all clients regardless of nationality.

Best practices

  • If elderly people are living with an employee, advise the employee to work from home if possible.
  • Communicate the practical steps employees need to take to prevent spreading the coronavirus.

Also, LawtonAsia’s client service continues as normal with 50% of staff working from home and remainder in the office.

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Asinta’s Thai Partner, LawtonAsia, provided this coronavirus update for employers in Thailand.