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The Asinta Partnership welcomes small group sizes, reflecting its integrity and commitment to always serve one another’s clients well.

PromoCell: Small Group Size No Obstacle for Asinta

Cell biology is complicated. Global benefits are too. You need local advisors who know their countries’ laws fully to help you remain compliant. If you don’t have a lot of international employees in a single country, you may also find it difficult to find a consultant to help you. Luckily, because of the Asinta Partnership, PromoCell didn’t have to worry about either of those issues.

New Laws And Needing Help

Based in Germany, PromoCell provides primary cells, stem cells and blood cells to biomedical research scientists all over the world. In 2016 they had just a handful of employees working in subsidiaries in France and the United Kingdom. New laws were coming into effect in both countries that required PromoCell’s benefits to shift. At the same time, the company was having difficulties finding advisors who would help them because their group sizes were so small. There was too little profit to be made.

Small Groups Welcome

Jürgen Kropp, PromoCell’s German benefit consultant, Asinta Partner and Managing Partner of Profion GmbH put it this way, “Over and over again I see clients who have one to five employees working for them internationally. Even though the employee numbers are small, managing benefits that are unfamiliar can cause big headaches. Every country has different and complex benefit rules, so remaining compliant is a challenge.” Jürgen adds, “Finding a consultancy to advise for small group sizes can prove problematic too. This was the case for PromoCell.”

Global Compliance Made Easy

Asinta Partners don’t shy away from any of it. A cornerstone of the Asinta Partnership is that Partners assist each other’s clients with the same high-level of service they give their own. So when Profion reached out to their Asinta Partners in France (Gerep), and the United Kingdom (Howden), to assist PromoCell, they were more than willing to help.

In a few short weeks, PromoCell’s employee benefits in both countries were adjusted to meet the new legal requirements. Their French employee was set to receive supplemental medical insurance. Employees in the United Kingdom were now automatically enrolled in a company pension fund. PromoCell’s benefits were harmonized across borders, and most importantly, legally compliant.

Download the Case Study:

Asinta Case Study Promocell


PromoCell is a German-based biotech company with a handful of employees in the United Kingdom and France. Legislation impacting pension funds in the United Kingdom, and supplementary medical insurance in France, required local expertise in those laws and benefits so PromoCell could adjust their offering and remain compliant.

Because of their small group sizes, they also faced the challenge of finding a benefits consultant who would help them.

Asinta Partners, Howden of the United Kingdom, and Gerep of France, quickly responded to Profion, Asinta’s German Partner, to assist PromoCell. Together, they helped PromoCell tune their employee benefits in both countries so in a few weeks the company’s global benefits were harmonized and legally compliant.