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According to Reuters, “An expert committee convened by Singapore’s health ministry has recommended all residents medically eligible for COVID-19 vaccination to take shots as they become available, although it said vaccination should remain a voluntary option.

“The recommendation comes as Singapore’s success in controlling the virus makes some question whether they should take the jabs.

COVID-19 vaccine considerations for Singapore

  • Can employers mandate the vaccine?
  • Who will control delivery of the vaccine?
    Public health service
  • Who covers the cost of the vaccine?
    Public health service
  • Where will people get vaccinated?
    General practitioner’s office or pharmacy
  • Is there cultural resistance to getting the vaccine?
    A little, because the COVID-19 vaccine is so new. The state has been trying to educate the population on the benefits of the vaccine. Certain groups such as those with allergies will not qualify to be vaccinated.

According to the Straight Times, “Covid-19 vaccines will be free for all Singaporeans and long-term residents who are currently here, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Monday (Dec 14).

“Those who are at greatest risk will be given first priority, including healthcare workers and front-line personnel, as well as the elderly and the vulnerable, he said in a televised address.

“‘Thereafter, the committee proposes to progressively vaccinate the rest of the population, and to cover everyone who wants a vaccination by the end of next year,’ said PM Lee, referring to a committee of doctors and experts set up by the Health Ministry to recommend a vaccination strategy for Singapore.”

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