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The Asinta Partnership is continually updating the latest global COVID-19 information for multinational employers which you can access from this page.

The information presented on this site is current as of the date initially posted; and, because matters related to COVID-19, the vaccine, and compliance measures are changing so quickly, it may not be current as of the date you read it. While the information gathered here is from Asinta global partners who are subject matter experts in their respective fields, this information is not meant to be a substitute for individual legal or medical advice, or as a substitute for advice in your specific situation.

COVID-19 Vaccine Decision Framework for Global Employers

Multinational employers should answer six critical questions before designing plans to support employees in getting the COVID-19 vaccine in any given country.

Employment Law

Can employers mandate vaccines in the country or not?


What is the cultural attitude towards taking the vaccine?


Who is eligible to get the vaccine and when?


Which government or healthcare agencies control the distribution of the vaccine?


Where will people be able to receive the vaccine?

Who pays for the vaccine?

Asinta Knowledge

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