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According to a March 13, 2021 CNN report, “Italy is facing another lockdown, as the government attempts to contain a recent surge of coronavirus cases, marred by the presence of new variants. Half of Italy’s 20 regions, which include the cities Rome, Milan and Venice, will be entering new coronavirus restrictions from Monday, March 15. The measures will be effective through April 6, according to a decree passed by Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s cabinet on Friday.

“In regions demarcated as “red zones” people will be unable to leave their houses except for work or health reasons, with all non-essential shops closed. In “orange zones,” people will also be banned from leaving their town and their region — except for work or health reasons — and bars and restaurants will only be able to do delivery and take-away service. Affected regions will be labeled red or orange, depending on the level of contagion. Regions that report weekly Covid-19 cases of more than 250 per 100,000 residents will also automatically go into lockdown, meaning that other regions could also be affected during this time period.”
Italy’s vaccination program is underway. This vaccination overview (dated 1/13/2021) from Asinta’s Italian Partner De Besi – Di Giacomo explains who will get the vaccine and when.

COVID-19 vaccine considerations for Italy

  • Can employers mandate the vaccine?
  • Who will control delivery of the vaccine?
    Federal and provincial governments
  • Who covers the cost of the vaccine?
    Public health service
  • Where will people get vaccinated?
    Unknown at this time
  • Is there cultural resistance to getting the vaccine?

More Information

Italy’s Ministry of Health COVID-19 website

This information is provided by De Besi-Di Giacomo, Asinta's partner in Italy.

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