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Croatia is participating in the joint EU vaccine procurement. As of 19 January, Croatia ordered 5.6 million doses of vaccine from four producers (AstraZeneca/Oxford, Johnson&Johnson/Janssen, Pfizer/BioNTech, and Moderna), and negotiations of additional orders are ongoing. Currently ordered amounts are expected to assure vaccination of 2.8 million people, accounting for more than 65% of total population. The Ministy of Labour and Pension System extended its employment subsidies programme until the end of February. The measure was first introduced in March 2020 to cover salaries of full-time and part-time workers (with a monthly amount of up to 4 000 HRK per worker), as well as part of fixed costs of employers in sectors affected by the pandemic. Eligible companies are the ones who experienced a significant (40%+) decrease in revenues, or had to discontinue their economic activities due to imposed measures.

COVID-19 vaccine considerations for Croatia

  • Can employers mandate the vaccine?
  • Who will control delivery of the vaccine?
    Public health service
  • Who covers the cost of the vaccine?
    Public health service
  • Where will people get vaccinated?
    General practitioner’s office
  • Is there cultural resistance to getting the vaccine?
    A little, because the COVID-19 vaccine is so new

Country-Specific Information: 

  • Wearing protective masks is mandatory in all closed spaces throughout the country. Masks are also mandatory in open spaces where a physical distance of at least 1.5 meters cannot be maintained.

Due to the recent rise of COVID-19 cases, the following measures are currently in effect throughout Croatia.  These measures may be revised or updated based on the evolving epidemiological situation:

  • Individuals must maintain at least 2 meters of social distance indoors and at least 1.5 meters outdoors.
  • All public events, gatherings, and celebrations, including religious services must end at 22:00. Cinemas, museums, galleries, and churches must secure 7 m2 of space per person.
  • Private gatherings in homes are limited to 10 people from two households and must end at 22:00.
  • Funerals are limited to 25 people, but physical contact must be avoided when offering condolences.
  • No weddings.
  • No sporting events except for category 1, 2, and 3 professional athletes. No spectators allowed and events must end at 22:00. Gyms and fitness centers have reopened with adherence to epidemiological measures.
  • Hospitality services (restaurants, cafes, and bars) can offer to-go food and beverages and serve guests seated in the open-air space. Hotels and camps may remain open but only for their guests.
  • Catering and food delivery are allowed during normal working hours.
  • Nightclubs are closed. Casinos and betting shops have reopened with adherence to epidemiological measures.
  • Alcohol will not be sold from 22:00 to 6:00.
  • No fairs and tourist events.
  • No musicals, operas, or dance performances.
  • No amateur cultural or artistic events, and practice sessions. Sporting practice sessions are permitted for sports that do not require physical contact.

More Information

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