Coronavirus Update for Employers in Croatia

Coronavirus Update for Employers in CroatiaCOVID-19 testing and treatment costs are completely covered through compulsory health insurance regulated by the Croatian government. Private medical insurance doesn’t exist in Croatia including private medical policy coverage for COVID-19. Private testing is not available.

Health care coverage for foreign nationals

  • All treatment costs from COVID-19 for foreign nationals coming from European Union (EU) countries, European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) countries, Switzerland, and countries having international agreements with the Republic of Croatia, if paid by the Croatian Health Insurance Institute, will be ultimately collected from their foreign health insurance.
  • The costs of COVID-19 treatment for foreign nationals from non-European countries are paid by patients and then subsequently reimbursed in their countries, depending on what travel or agency insurance they may have arranged before traveling.
  • Health disorders, directly or indirectly caused by a pandemic, are not subject of supplementary or additional voluntarily health insurance.
  • Travel health insurance coverage is normally valid for acute conditions and illnesses except during a pandemic. This exclusion applies from March 11, 2020 when WHO declared COVID-19 pandemic.

Short term disability and sick pay

Depending on the reasons for sickness or injury, sick pay is paid:

  • During the first 42 days of sick leave, from the employer’s own funds.
  • After the 42nd day after advancing the funds the employer is entitled to recover payment from the Croatian Government or the Croatian Health Insurance.

An employer can recover sick pay from the Croatian Health Insurance either from the first day or after the 42nd day of the employee’s inability to work.

  • This is a general principle applying to cases of employee’s temporary inability to work due to disease or injury.
  • Situations which entitle an employer to reclaim the sick pay after the first day include caring for a sick child, a recognized injury at work, or professional disease.

Employees temporarily unable to work due to quarantine or self-isolation at home after having contact with infected persons, or arriving from the affected areas, have the right to:

  • Compensation by the Croatian Health Insurance Fund from the first day in the amount prescribed by the Obligatory Health Insurance Act.
  • This amounts to 4.257,28 HRK (budgetary base + 28%).

If the employee agrees with their employer to work from home they cannot receive compensation from the Croatian Health Insurance. The employer is obliged to pay the employee’s full salary.

Personal accident insurance

These policies mostly cover death or permanent disability due to an accident.

  • The coronavirus is not considered as an accident or defined disease within the additional coverages which may be concluded on personal accident policies.
  • Epidemic and pandemic diseases are not covered.

Life insurance

Death caused by COVID-19 is covered by life insurance policies without any restrictions.

Business interruption insurance

Business interruption coverage due to COVID-19 doesn’t exist in Croatia

Economic stimulus measures by the Croatian government

The Croatian government passed several measures to stimulate the economy during COVID-19 pandemic. These measures have a three-month time span, with the possibility for an extension for another three months.

  • The government the net minimum wage to HRK 4,000 (€725) in March, April, and May. The  state  will cover contributions, which amounts to around HRK 1,460 for a net wage of HRK 4,000 (€525). In total, the state will pay HRK 5,460 per employee. Employers are only eligible to apply if they keep their employees.
  • Companies that either cannot do business, or it is very difficult for them to do business, will be partially or completely exempt from their tax liabilities for April, May and July. Namely paying profit tax, income tax and contributions.
  • VAT payments are delayed until invoices are paid.
  • Unemployment benefits are available for laid off employees.
  • There are also loans, credit reprogramming and credit deferral for companies whose business is endangered due to the pandemic.
  • Some counties and cities implemented additional measures on a local level including: cancelling payments for closed kindergartens, payments for enforcement, deferred utility bills for businesses and entrepreneurs, and the cancellation of option to lease on all government-run office and public spaces.

Croatian COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 hotline: 113

Government of Republic of Croatia

Croatian Governmetn COVID-19 Website

Croatian Institute of Public Health

Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency  

List of Epidemiology Services per county


This coronavirus update for employers in Croatia is provided by MAI CEE, Asinta’s Partner in Croatia.