The number one employee benefit people in Croatia care about is personal accident cover, a long-standing customary benefit for employees in this country. It is closely followed by health insurance to supplement the national healthcare system which often has long wait lists.

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Did you know that Marco Polo, the ballpoint pen and the necktie all originate from Croatia?

When asked to rank four other common employee benefits in order of importance, employees in Croatia will likely say: Life, Death, Disability and Retirement.

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Employee benefits limiting tax policies are currently a hot topic for employers in Croatia.

Average Cost For Employer Sponsored Benefits

The average cost for an employer is about 190 Euros per year per employee.


Employers new to Croatia are advised to involve employees in the provision of employee benefits. Many employees are not interested in sharing some of the associated costs.

Surprising Fact

Since joining the European Union, there is still a big shift in labor laws which is influencing employee benefits in Croatia. For example, companies with more than 20 employees are obliged to involve employees in the decision-making process for economic/social rights and interests. Labor unions are most influential in public or state-owned companies. There is not much influence in the private sector.

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