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Due to the outbreak of Corona 19, various restrictions have been placed on the lives of the people and the business operations of small businesses in Korea. The prerequisite for quarantine regulations, the prohibition of private gatherings with more than five people, is in effect. If this is violated, a fine of not more than 100,000 won is imposed (duplicate imposition is possible), and if a confirmed person occurs due to a violation of the order, may request the right to indemnify the expenses. Restaurants operation time was 21:00 during the serious corona crisis, but nowadays, the restaurants are allowed to open until 22:00, and only delivery and packaging are allowed after 22:00. In the case of cafes, if you ordered drinks and food for ‘two or more people’, it was strongly recommended to stay within an hour. Like restaurants, the indoor business hours are until 22:00. In principle, religious activities are limited to 20% of people for regular worship, meetings and meals are prohibited. Moreover, start from February 2021, the government has begun vaccination which is provided free of charge, and the vaccination is started from the medical staff, and the vaccination is given according to the vaccination sequence.

COVID-19 vaccine considerations for South Korea

  • Can employers mandate the vaccine?
    The decision to mandate will be made by the regional governing authority.
  • Who will control delivery of the vaccine?
    The government does the management. The distribution plan can be vaccinated by medical staff first in February-March, then seniors 65 years of age or older in April-June, and other citizens aged 18 years or older in July-October
  • Who covers the cost of the vaccine?
    In South Korea, the corona vaccine is provided free of charge from the government start from February 2021.
  • Where will people get vaccinated?
    Health care facilities such as clinics, medical practices and hospitals
  • Is there cultural resistance to getting the vaccine?

The COVID-19 vaccine is provided free of charge by the government beginning February 2021, but we can’t choose the vaccine brand. Medical employees are the first to be vaccinated followed by the elderly. In March, people will be able to make an advance reservation to receive the vaccine. In April, mobile apps and chatbots will notify people of the time and place where they are to receive the vaccine.

-Elderly facility: vaccination center, pfizer, April 1st

-Facilities for the disabled: Visit (consignment), AZ, 2 weeks in April

-Elderly care-giving family: visit (consignment), AZ, 3 weeks in April

-Tuberculosis and Hansen-in residence facilities: Visit (public health center), AZ, 3 weeks in April

-Homeless residence and facilities: visit (health center), AZ, 4 weeks

-Caring for the disabled: Consigned medical institution, AZ, June

-Visiting and caring for the elderly: Consigned medical institution, AZ, June

-65-74 years old: consigned medical institution, AZ, May-June

More Information

Korean Ministry of food and drugs safety

This web link is a government site that indicates the status of vaccinations ( in Korean only)


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