The number one employee benefit people in Bulgaria care about is medical insurance because the national health service does not include some of the vital care. A good company health plan will help provide effective, comprehensive healthcare.

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Visit the archaeological museum in Sofia containing the oldest gold in the world, from the Chalcolithic Age and the finest Thracian jewelry.

When asked to rank four other common employee benefits in order of importance, employees in Bulgaria will likely say: Death, Permanent Disability, Retirement and Temporary Disability.

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Food vouchers, mobile phones and company cars are currently very popular among Bulgarian employees.

Average Cost For Employer Sponsored Benefits

The average cost of employer sponsored benefits in Bulgaria varies widely, depending on the benefits supplied. The amount of up to BGN 60 per employee per month, paid by the employer for voluntary health insurance, life insurance or voluntary pension insurance is treated as tax free social cost for the employer. The most common interpretation is that all employees should receive equal benefits in order for the costs paid by the employer to be considered tax free social costs. Occupational accident insurance is compulsary for certain industries with a higher risk than the country average. Premium raes for occupational accident insurance vary from 0.03% to 0.08% of annual gross salary. It is important to note that about 20% of work related accidents in Bulgaria occur while travelling from home to work v.v. This is considered a work accident, but is outside the scope of the compulsary insurance.


Because medical insurance is so important for employees, we would always advise to check on the coverage of national health services, and how to supplement these in a fair way.

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Medical insurance covering pre-existing conditions is very costly, but employees definitely expect this to be included.

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