The number one benefit employees in Serbia care about is health insurance. This gives them access to private health clinics which provide better service and care than the national health service. When asked to rank three other common employee benefits in order of importance, Serbian employees will likely say: Retirement, Death, and Disability.

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Natalia Zaborovska


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Visit the Kalemegdan Park, with its fortress and zoo.

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Insurance limits are increasing which has an effect on employee benefits.

Average Cost For Employer Sponsored Benefits

The average cost of employee sponsored benefits is 5 Euros per month.


Serbia is ranked 59th (out of 189) for ease of conducting business and is a candidate for membership in the European Union. Serbia is working hard to comply with EU regulations, but it will take time to achieve this. Employers entering into the country for the first time will need to understand what short-term changes this may bring and how this will affect their business.

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New employers in Serbia are often surprised by the fact that employees are not well educated about employee benefits.

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Serbia: Employee Benefits Update

September 12, 2016: The following changes in employee benefits have been reported back by Asinta’s partner in Serbia, MAI CEE: Legal/Legislative Changes: As of December... Read More