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Asinta is a global strategic Partnership of select, independent employee health and welfare consultancies. Unified in character and commitment, our Partners deliver global employee benefits in a manner that is easy to understand and highly responsive to your needs.

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Asinta’s Partners are experts at harmonizing employee benefit programs across the planet. They use their long-term Asinta relationships spanning time zones and cultures, to rapidly put you in full control of all your employee benefit programs.

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Free yourself from worry that your global benefits might not be fair and compliant. Our local experts across the globe are ready to assist you.

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Employee benefits are changing all the time. Check back here often to keep up with the countries where you operate.

ALERT: Supplemental Healthcare Insurance Mandatory for French Employees
Beginning January 1, 2016, companies of every size operating in France must offer their staff supplementary healthcare insurance. Asinta’s French partner GEREP shares their insights... MORE

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International Employee Benefits Conference March 10-12, 2016 Brussels, Belgium Ever wondered how to define pensions for a global executive team or how mobility in the EU impacts social rights?...

Council on Employee Benefits Annual Conference April 17-20, 2016 San Diego, California USA This is unique member-created, members-only, non-sponsored, and no-selling conference for senior benefits professionals from the nation’s largest employers....

Advanced Cafeteria Plan and Benefits Conference July 13-15, 2106 Seattle, WA USA EBIA’s panel of leading attorneys at their annual summer conference will address advanced compliance issues for employer health, cafeteria,...

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