Ukraine: Asinta Business Etiquette Insight

Looking to set up a new business in the Ukraine?  Our business etiquette insights can help establish good relations with your Ukranian colleagues: 

  • Ukranian businesspeople tend to be less formal than in many other countries, although they are direct communicators who will remain cautious until a relationship has developed. They expect people to deliver information in a sensitive manner and act in a professional and respectful way.
  • Business cards are usually presented without any significant ritual. Have one side printed in Ukranian and present this side to your colleagues.  Shake hands with everyone upon greeting, always repeating your name to each person, and upon leaving. Do not sit down until invited to do so.
  • Meeting schedules are not very rigid in the Ukraine. An agenda will only serve as a guideline for discussions and to act as a springboard for other related business ideas. Relationships are highly important in Ukrainian culture so a good deal of time may be devoted to non-business discussions.  Engage in the small talk and wait for a Ukranian colleague to change the subject to business.

Do you have questions about doing business in the Ukraine? Get in touch with Asinta Partner in the Ukraine, MAI CEE, via their contact page today to get your questions answered.