Benchmarking Employee Benefits in the US for 2019

United States: Benchmarking: United States 2019 Employee Benefit Benchmarking Report

To get an insight into benchmarking employee benefits in the US, read this market guide by Alliant.

Asinta’s Partner in the USA, Alliant Employee Benefits, provides employee benefit consulting to over 8,000 companies in different industry sectors. Multinational employers regularly ask them to benchmark employee benefits in the USA, and they created this market guide to help generally answer some of the most common questions.

In the guide Alliant explains:

  • Typical benefit provisions in the USA.
  • The USA’s healthcare system, the role of insurance, and average associated costs.
  • The benefit enrollment process.

An example of what’s inside…

Three forces shape the USA’s healthcare and health insurance systems:

  • Health insurance is a market-based system for people who aren’t retired or on government assistance. Consequently, employer sponsored plans cover  85% of people with health insurance.
  • For most pharmaceutical companies in the world the USA fuels research and development efforts. In addition, there are few restrictions on pricing so pharmaceutical costs in the United States are exorbitant compared to other countries. Nearly 50% of medical insurance spend will be for prescription drugs within the next few years.
  • Healthcare providers receive compensation through a fee for service system. This means the more services they provide, the more they charge and the more they earn. This method is one of the main factors that significantly increases the cost of healthcare in the USA.


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