India’s Data Protection Law Demystified

India’s Data Protection LawIndia’s data protection law (Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023) marks a significant stride in safeguarding the privacy and security of digital personal data, taking a step towards aligning itself with the spirit of the global data protection framework. 

To help employers understand the implications of the law better, Prudent, Asinta’s employee benefits consulting Partner in India, wrote Unlock Insights: India’s Data Protection Law Demystified. It serves as a guiding light through the complexities of the Act.

This legislation is game-changing and will reshape the data governance landscape in India. Notably, the Act elevates the penalties that may spur demand for cyber insurance and liability coverage, extending protection against potential liabilities. 

As detailed rules formulate, clarity on nuanced aspects of this new legal landscape will emerge. Until then, employers should proactively gear up for the forthcoming transformation. 


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