Netherlands Payslips to Push Employers to Offer Pensions

Netherlands Payslips Highlight EmployeSoon, Netherlands payslips will push employers to offer pensions because employers must highlight the absence of one on the payslip. A provision in recent pension legislation mandates this, and the notification serves as an incentive for employers to reconsider the absence of a pension scheme and encourages employees and works councils to advocate for its establishment.

The implementation of this provision has been postponed due to necessary adjustments to the law’s wording. Nevertheless, this obligation will be introduced soon. It is important to note that such additional pension provision is not mandatory unless specified in the rules of the collective labor agreement (CAO) or the industry pension fund.

Closing the Gap

Currently, 1 out of every 10 employees – approximately 1 million people – does not accrue pension benefits with their employer in the Netherlands. To address this issue, the Dutch government aims to halve this number within five years. This initiative originates from the Social and Economic Council (SER), which provides a step-by-step plan on how employers and works councils (or employees) can jointly establish a pension scheme. In summary, the plan advises:

  • Assessing whether your organization falls under a mandatory industry pension fund or collective labor agreement (CAO) that mandates employee participation in a pension scheme. If not, employers may explore individual pension provisions with their employees.
  • Evaluating the financial feasibility of a pension scheme and determining the framework in collaboration with employees. This includes considering premium amounts, distribution between employer and employee, decision-making autonomy for employees, and additional coverage for survivor or disability pensions.
  • Consulting with a knowledgeable pension advisor to design a tailored pension scheme that aligns with organizational and employee needs, including requesting quotes from pension providers.
  • After approval from the works council, select an appropriate provider, register employees with the pension provider, ensure comprehensive information dissemination about the pension scheme, and update employment contracts or employment conditions regulations.


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