Netherlands Mandates Employee Involvement in Reintegration Reporting

Netherlands reintegration reportingOn July 1, 2023, the Netherlands’ reintegration reporting process requires employee participation. This reporting is for employees who recovered from a lengthy illness and are planning to return to work. Dutch employees have often been involved in their reintegration action plan, but it becomes a requirement next month.

Reintegration of employees who were ill requires effort from both the employee and the employer. Each party’s obligations are in Dutch regulations such as the ‘Regulation on the Process of the First and Second Year of Illness.’ The amendment to this law aims to strengthen the position of employees and increase their involvement in their integration back into the workforce.

The amendment requires that both the employer and employee provide:

  • Their opinions on how the reintegration is progressing at various stages of the process.
  • Input while drawing up the plan of action and for any interim adjustments to it.
  • Written viewpoints on progress at the first-year evaluation.

If there is a need for assistance in formulating their views, the employee and the employer can decide, through consultation, to seek help from, for example, a case manager or a job coach.

Transitional Provision

Employees with a first sick day before July 1, 2023, fall under the transitional provision. The obligation to include the views of the employee and the employer on the reintegration process will only apply to documents created after that date. This prevents employees and employers from being required to retrospectively include their views on the reintegration process in existing documents.

Ensuring Compliance and Support

Employers should ensure that, in cases of prolonged illness, in collaboration with the occupational health service, compliance with these new requirements is met. By working closely with the occupational health service, employers can effectively oversee the implementation of these regulations and provide the necessary support to their employees.

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