Brazil: Asinta Business Etiquette Insight

Asinta Business Etiquette Insight: Brazil

Looking to set up a new business in Brazil? Our business etiquette insights can help establish good relations with your Brazilian colleagues:

  • Brazilians need to know who they are doing business with beforehand and prefer face-to- face meetings to written communication so they can build up a relationship with an individual. This person is considered more important than the company they represent. Communication is often informal and there are no strict rules of protocol.
  • Always confirm appointments in writing as they can be changed or cancelled at the last minute. Meetings may start late but never show any impatience or frustration. Be prepared for interruptions when you are speaking or making a presentation and never do anything to embarrass or criticize those present.
  • If necessary, hire a translator if your Portuguese is not fluent and use local lawyers and accountants for negotiations. Brazilians resent an outside legal presence. Do not change your negotiating team at any point or you may have to start over from scratch!

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