Russia: Asinta Business Etiquette Insight

Looking to set up a new business in Russia?  Our business etiquette insights can help establish good relations with your Russian colleagues:

  •  Always make appointments as far in advance as possible. Confirm the meeting when you arrive in the country and again a day or two in advance.  Be aware that meetings can be cancelled at short notice.  Avoid the first week of May as there are several public holidays.
  • Punctuality is considered very important. Russians will consider a first meeting as a vehicle to determine the credibility of you and your company for future business dealings. Meetings and negotiations will be slow as Russians do not like to be rushed.  Frequent interruptions are to be expected as well as conversations which have nothing to do with the subject matter!
  • Have all printed material available in English and Russian. Russians expect long and detailed presentations and will frequently attempt to coerce people by such tactics as losing their temper, walking out of meetings or threatening to terminate the relationship.  They do not believe in win-win scenarios and consider compromise as a weakness.
  • At the end of the meeting, be prepared to sign a ‘Protokol’ which is a summary of what was discussed. Nothing is final until a contract is signed and even then Russians may modify it to suit their purposes.

Do you have questions about employee benefits in Russia? Get in touch with Asinta Partner in Russia, MAI-CEE, via their contact page to get your questions answered.