Asinta Welcomes Correcol as Its Colombian Partner

Asinta Welcomes Correcol as Its Colombian PartnerAsinta proudly announces Colombian-based Correcol as the newest addition to its Partnership. For the last 15 years Correcol has been the largest independent insurance broker in the Colombian insurance market with over 230 employees, 5,000 clients, and operations in eight cities across the country.

“We are very pleased to be the newest addition to Asinta,” says Mr. Juan Mario Acevedo, Correcol’s CEO. “Our goal is to achieve the highest standards of reliability, service, and performance, making our goals fit well with the core values the Asinta Partnership represents. We look forward to working with our Asinta Partners in the coming years to bring our local expertise to their multinational clients.”

Correcol offers the Asinta Partnership, and their clients, dedicated, seasoned professionals who are highly experienced with the Colombian market. Multinational employers who work with Correcol can know their employee benefits will be well managed by a team with a long history and deep insight into the local market. Following Asinta’s promise, employers can also expect all aspects of Colombian benefits to be explained to them in a way that is contextually relevant, and have questions answered quickly.

If you need assistance with your benefits program in Colombia, let us know, and we will put you in touch with the global employee benefits team at Correcol.